Birth is a natural process of life

Birth is normal and birth is natural. REPEAT. Birth is normal and birth is natural. We have to start reminded ourselves of this because lately, it seems we've forgotten. The increase in c/sections, epidurals, NICU visits, and early inductions would make us think somehow we don't know how to do this without someone stepping in and intervening. 

Why is there a decrease in Traditional Midwives? Not because a professional in low-risk maternity care isn't needed or shows better birth outcomes. It's because women are being told it isn't safe and what if something happens. Well what if something happens? Are you to be shunned for believing in the very natural process we were built for? NO! 

Few things: #1 THINGS HAPPEN! It's also a natural process. Luckily for skills handed down to Midwives AND modern technology and knowledge we get to step in only when necessary and address the issue.

#2 THATS WHY YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! Midwives are professionals at their trade, as are OB's in their specialty. They differ though and recognizing the differences so you can utilize them properly will benefit your birth experience and outcome.

When you have a professional attending your birth and something happens, IT'S NOT BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO TRUST THE PROCESS. It's because shit happens and that's why we HAVE Midwives for births.

Midwives are there to make sure all is going smooth and when it's not, she's there to help you get to the right location for further assistance. If an imminent emergency presents she's there with her tools, skills, and knowledge to address the issue and stabilize everyone before deciding if transport is still necessary.

So if your planned homebirth changed, it wasn't your FAULT and you "shouldn't have chosen an out of hospital". It was your good choice to hire a Midwife and allow her to do her job to get you to a new location even if that meant handing your care over to another.


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