Birth, yes you can!

No matter your location you CAN birth a baby. Sure our birth paths can change and sometimes issues can present but remember our bodies, anatomically speaking, are built to birth. How can we foster and restore that primitive skill? Tap into it!

This society we live in does not even begin to honor or cherish that AMAZINGNESS of birth. A woman's body creates, grows, nourishes, births and then feeds another HUMAN BEING! I mean it's 9am and I still have my robe on, just saying.

This alone is the most amazing thing but it's so crazy it's hard to wrap your mind around it and really absorb it. I truly believe this is why we do not get more respect for this feat.

What can we do to remind ourselves that yes, yes we can birth our babies?

1. Revel in it! Do all the things that go along with that. Celebrate your pregnancy, pamper yourself during those 10 months, connect with the body you're making and the soul that will come into that.

2. Prepare for it! It's very natural to us to birth and...

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