Top 3 things I remember about my birth

Ideally you've been preparing for your big day. Classes, birth plans, meditating, releasing fears, trusting the body, maybe even a Blessingway from a dear friend or family member have been checked off the list. Some form or another you've done what you feel was needed to help prep you for labor day. In the end, things go as baby wishes but preparation is key to success (queue in Midwife101 series here :) )

The day came and went, it was powerful and intense and somehow very different then what you thought. You're not alone. This is because we've never done it before. I mean even if you've had other children you've never given birth to THIS baby before. 

3 things I remember with my 5th baby (4th delivery) that are etched fondly in my memory 

1. The fact that I actually went into labor by myself. This was the FIRST time I wasn't induced (also the first time I had a Midwife). I was in SUCH disbelief that I think it took almost 2 days for me to accept it. This is likely why this labor was so long but I'll never forget how proud I was that I DID IT!!

2. How natural and comfortable it felt to be in my home. I had my previous births (they're much older then my surprise 5th baby) all with an OB in an hospital because I thought that's what I was suppose to do. The difference is INCREDIBLE!! I felt so connected to my roots, to the women before me, and to my family who got to have a birth experience with me.

3. Garlic pasta. My husband was awesome trying to keep the birth pool water warm, massage me, and cook for the Midwives. In my birth video you'll see him cooking up garlic pasta for the Midwives and to quote him "gotta keep them fed". Thank you my dear for trusting the process and embracing what was involved to make it work.

3 things I remember with my 5th baby that I wish I would've done differently

1. Prepared mentally better. I did not address my fears enough and they consumed me during labor day. I was afraid of every little thing because of how my prior births went. Even though I was SO much more comfortable at home and felt in control, at a certain point I began to lose trust in myself. I needed affirmations to remember that this is a normal part of labor day. This is why I push so hard for AFFIRMATION CARDS by your labor alter.

2. Video more, photograph more. I had my friend who is probably the MOST talented cinematographer (is that even the right word?) that I know. However, I wish I had more to look at, lol. I'm also a birth junkie so I could look at labor pictures ALL DAY LONG. He did do a kick ass video that I am SO blessed to have.

3. I wish I had been more patient. I over Midwife'd myself and created a change at the last 30 minutes of my delivery that wasn't necessary. Had I trusted myself during my weakest moment, had I communicated with my Midwives better, and had I waited literally 15 minutes I would've had the birth I dreamed. I still had an amazing homebirth but the ending switched locations and if I would've waited it would have remained at home. 

So prepare, but prepare truthfully and openly to yourself. Be ready for change and trust the process. In the end try to enjoy the amazingness of bringing human life earthside.

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